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Are private and confidential FLSA settlements enforceable?
Most employers facing potential wage-and-hour lawsuits won't benefit from private and confidential settlements. read more
By: Heath Edwards
The Obama Overtime Rule Is Not Dead Yet
Just when it appeared the game was over, the contested Overtime Rule is headed for its own overtime. read more
By: Michael Russell
What Employers Should Expect from Recent National Labor Relations Board Nominations and Appointments
With two confirmations, Republicans now hold a 3-2 majority on the NLRB read more
By: Heath Edwards
A Government Divided on Title VII’s Protection of Individuals Identifying as LGBT
DOJ and EEOC at odds over Title VII LGBT protections read more
By: Aron Karabel
Telecommuting Issues for H-1B Sponsored Workers
Amended filings could be needed for H-1B telecommuters to work at new locations. read more
By: Nora Katz
Seventh Circuit Holds that a Long-Term, Definite Leave of Absence Is NOT a Reasonable Accommodation under the ADA
Employers applaud Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals decision on leave of absence and the ADA, but the issue is not quite settled. read more
By: K. Heard
Class Action Waivers: This Morning at The Supreme Court
The Supreme Court heard oral arguments today on whether arbitration agreements containing class action waivers violate the National Labor Relations Act read more
By: Michael Russell
Don’t Try to Hide It: The Duty to Supplement Deposition Testimony
Is there any mystery about the outcome when a Court includes in its opinion that one side’s arguments were “disingenuous” and “an attempt to denigrate opposing counsel”? Not much. read more
By: Robert Boston, James Doran Jr.
Do I Have to Pay My Employees When We Volunteer?
Due to the massive damage caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, employers would like to do more than donating supplies and money. Can an employer ask its employees to join volunteer efforts? read more
By: Michael Russell
Trump Administration Drops Appeal of Overtime Ruling
In a surprise to virtually no one, DOL drops its appeal of Obama-era overtime regs read more
By: Michael Russell
Another Ruling on the Overtime Rules
A federal trial judge in Texas may have put the final nail in the coffin for the Obama overtime rules. read more
By: Robert Boston
Restaurants Must Be Aware of the “80/20 Rule”
Side work is fine, but it must truly be side work. read more
By: Michael Russell
Here We Go Again: More Changes to the Overtime Rules
In July 2017, the Department of Labor issued a Request for Information regarding the overtime rules. read more
By: Michael Russell
California Appeals Court Ruling Adds More Uncertainty for the Financial Services Industry
Are mortgage underwriters entitled to overtime? Well, it depends... read more
By: Michael Russell
Immigration Trends and their Effect on Employers of Sponsored Workers
First 100 Days sees ramp-up of immigration enforcement and border security efforts read more
By: Vinh Duong, Nora Katz
What to Expect from the Department of Labor under Secretary Alex Acosta
Amid proposed budget cuts, Acosta takes the reins at the Dept. of Labor read more
By: John Gerth
Title VII and Sexual Orientation - To Be or Not to Be? That is Still the Question.
Seventh Circuit decision could send Title VII Sexual Orientation question to U.S. Supreme Court read more
By: Brittany Stancombe
Potential Changes to Labor-Management Relations under the Trump Administration
Trump's appointment of Miscimarra to lead NLRB could signal changes to come read more
By: Heath Edwards
Recent Developments for Employers in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee
Sixth Circuit delivers noteworthy rulings on whistleblowing, part-time accommodations and constructive discharge read more
By: Loren Lancaster
How Does President Trump's Immigration Executive Order Impact You?
the impact of @POTUS Executive Order limiting the admission of #refugees and nationals into the US read more
By: Vinh Duong, Nora Katz
A New Boss In Town - Wage & Hour Issues under President Trump
Under #Trump and Puzder, #DOL likely to roll back #FLSA wage and hour regulations established by Obama administration read more
By: Andrew Naylor
Expect Pro-Business Changes in Labor-Management Relations under a New Administration
@WallerLansden attorneys expect pro-business changes in labor-management relations under #TrumpAdministration read more
By: Aron Karabel, Heath Edwards
Predictions about the EEOC's Post-Inauguration Enforcement Efforts: Will the New Administration Reign in the Regulators?
@WallerLansden attorneys anticipate a shift in #EEOC enforcement under the #TrumpAdministration. read more
By: John Gerth, K. Heard
Beyond the Wall: Immigration Changes to Expect in 2017
Beyond the Wall - @WallerLansden attorneys forecast #immigration changes as #Trump enters the White House read more
By: Vinh Duong, Nora Katz
What Will the OFCCP Look Like in a Trump Administration?
Under #Trump, @WallerLansden attorneys expect broad changes at the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (#OFCCP) read more
By: Joshua Wood
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