Will Wine in Tennessee Groceries Be Resurrected Before Easter Sunday?

Will Wine in Tennessee Groceries Be Resurrected Before Easter Sunday?

We have a new Pope. Good Friday is just days away. The Belmont Bruins and MTSU Blue Raiders made March Madness. Anything is possible, right?

Tennessee House Representative Matthew Hill could be the savior for wine in groceries in Tennessee. Representative Hill voted for wine in groceries in a crucial House subcommittee meeting last week, but voted against wine last week, in what many viewed as the death of wine in Tennessee grocery stores for the year.

But rampant gossip from the Hill and political pundits suggest that Rep. Hill may reconsider his vote and support wine. Pith in the Wind speculates that Rep. Hill voted against wine to retaliate against another House member on an unrelated bill.

Having made his point, it is possible that Rep. Hill could re-animate the Cabernet corpse as early as this Tuesday, March 19, 2013. Companion wine legislation is moving forward in the Senate.

For those interested in the blow by blow, according to Pith, Rep. Hill "refused to send along a piece of far-right lunacy to make it a crime for United Nations representatives to observe elections in Tennessee. That bill, which was adopted in the committee Hill chairs, was sent back to another committee, the one chaired by Rep. Jon Lundberg, R-Bristol.

It was Lundberg's idea, and Hill was outraged. He actually threatened to retaliate.

"Just remember, the vast majority of this committee is made up of fellow chairmen," Hill said during that meeting. "Guess what? Your committee will probably be next."

Lundberg also is the sponsor of the wine-in-supermarkets bill and, when he appeared before Hill's committee this week, it was the perfect opportunity for Hill to strike back. So there you have it, dear Pith reader. To give Hill the satisfaction of spanking Lundberg and the rest of the House leadership, we all have been denied the convenience of buying wine in supermarkets."

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