Jackalope Fires Up Big Girl Brew Kettle

Jackalope Fires Up Big Girl Brew Kettle


Jackalope Brewery opened in May 2011 with mystique befitting of the mythical namesake killer hare. 

Jackalope founders Bailey Spaulding and Robyn Virball initially opened the Nashville tap room for just a few hours a week. Buzz among beer aficionados drew crowds that quickly drained the limited supply of beer.

Recently, Jackalope has been appearing at area watering holes. Spaulding says: "We're so excited to have our brews on tap at great places around town."

Jackalope's full scale brewing equipment came on line earlier this month. Spaulding and Virball can now brew enough beer to share the successful suds with more fans.

Spaulding is enthusiastic about the new big girl brew kettle: "I've been brewing beer for about five years in small batches, and its pretty surreal that in the course of three weeks, I brewed more gallons of beer than I previously brewed in my entire life."

You can now quaff Jackalope at:

12 South Tap Room
Broadway Brewhouse Midtown
Flying Saucer
Village Pub
Beyond the Edge
Frugal MacDoogal
Midtown Wine and Spirits
Family Wash
Corsair's Tap Room
Beer Sellar

The tap room at 701 Eighth Avenue South is now open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4 to 8 pm.

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