Miller Time Out?

Miller Time Out?

You never know what will happen when you file your renewal at the 11th hour. MillerCoors just learned the hard way. The beer giant has been asked to pull all 39 brands of beer off the shelves in the entire State of Minnesota. All because their brand registration renewals did not get processed before state government was shut down over a budget dispute.

According to early media reports, MillerCoors' check for renewal of the 39 brands was delivered to the state liquor control days before the registrations were set to terminate. But they overpaid, and had to submit a new check.

Normally, no big deal. Unless the government shuts down before you deliver your check.

Minnesotans love their suds and the hot summer months are huge for the beer business. If the state follows through on its order to remove product, restaurants, bars, grocery stores and even the Minnesota Twins will be out of Coors, Miller Lite, Blue Moon and 36 other MillerCoors brands.

We've said it before - we'll say it again. Renew your licenses on time.

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